Learning and Development: Part 2

“At the end of June I completed the next part of my Musculoskeletal Medicine course.  Again it was in Exeter, which provided gorgeous scenery for the weekend, although my Saturday night run involved me getting very lost and running for 2 hours rather than one!  The course itself was very good, reviewing current best evidence for mobilisation and manipulation technique for the neck and arm and practising these on each other.  Now I have an essay to write and an exam to prepare for in November, and that will be module one complete.

I was also lucky enough to attend a conference in London discussing Current Concepts in Hip and Knee surgery.  This provided a comprehensive insight into the developments in surgery, particularly for young adult hip pain and the criteria the surgeons are using to assess these patients.  This will provide our service with accurate diagnostic skills and appropriate criteria to identify patients who may need this type of surgical opinion”.

Written by Heather Walker, Physiotherapist at Barbourne Health Centre