Triathlon Results

In May this year, after a bit of peer pressure, I entered and completed a triathlon, coming 9th.  This inspired me.  I set myself a goal to be a bit more committed to swimming, cycling and running, bought a bike on the bike to work scheme and decided I would beat my time at the repeat event last Sunday.  After a summer of fun, enjoying the beautiful countryside on my bike rides and runs and swimming in the lido, the time came for the repeat performance.  Calm and relaxed (sort of!) I started triathlon take 2.  I am quite competitive so I pushed myself and duly beat my time around the same course by 4 minutes and won the triathlon!

This was a hugely rewarding experience in itself, but the best thing about triathlon is the varied participants, from those hoping to win, to those hoping to get round.  Every one of us needs a goal and I believe, alongside work, we need an active goal.  Whether this is walking to the top of Malvern, cycling to work, taking up a zumba class or winning  a triathlon, with goal setting it is amazing what we can all achieve.  It has been shown that a goal written down is 40% more likely to be achieved, and a goal told to a friend is 60% more likely to be achieved.  So get sharing goals, get active and enjoy the physical and psychological benefits!

I have set myself the challenge to do some more triathlons next year which means keeping up training through the dark winter nights, but I have now committed it to paper and to you all, and if I can achieve my goal, you can all achieve your personal goals too.

Good Luck!

Physiotherapist at Barbourne Health Centre, Worcester and Steinhoff Building, Tewkesbury.