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HealthKinect Health & Wellbeing Programme

Another successful visit to one of our clients based in the West Midlands. Call centres are always challenging environments to employees in health & wellbeing due to the nature and demand on their jobs.

Our Health & Wellbeing team spent two days at the location to engage employees in health risk identification and behaviour changes, educate on the impact on health and future health, empowerthem to make changes and maintain them. The assessments address physical and emotion behaviours, as well as the clinical risk factors from waist circumference with body composition, blood pressure and total cholesterol.

With the right communication in the months prior to the assessments, we received a fantastic response with all appointment slots being fully utilised within a few hours.

The feedback from these initial assessments has been overwhelming and here is what the attendees said:

  • Employees are really happy that it is not just 1 session that they attend. They really think the follow up sessions are a great idea as it keeps them motivated and on track to their goals.
  • Employees join classes to assist with keeping them on track with weight loss - They are also encouraging others to join.
  • Employees have been feeding back to other employees about how good the sessions have been and how much they got out of them.
  • Employee also said that the sessions were very eye opening e.g. the people who thought they were fit were not necessarily as fit as they thought and were given advice on lifestyle choices such as drinking more water etc.

Overall, we are proud of the service we deliver on-site and we appreciate every location has it challenges. That said, with the right preparation, communication combined with the knowledge and experience of the HealthKinect Health & Wellbeing team, we can ensure a successful and positive outcome to employees and the overall business.

For information on how a HealthKinect Health & Wellbeing programme can be implemented into your business, call 0871 200 5060

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