Heather at the World Championships!

In May of this year I was selected to represent Great Britain in the 25-29 Age Group at the World Triathlon Championships. My triathlon career had all been a bit of a whirlwind – with the trials being only my 4th triathlon, this was very exciting but also a fairly daunting prospect!

I rapidly drew up a training program, working out how to fit in swimming, running, cycling and core strength training alongside working full time to enable me to achieve as good a result as possible in Canada when the championships were being held.

Many miles later, I arrived in Edmonton with the rest of the Age Group teams and set about finding the venue, the registration area, the opening ceremony and all the other niceties which come with competing at that level. After racking my bike in the biggest transition area I have ever seen (housing about 1500 bikes!), I tried to settle in “the zone”! Nerves kicked in, but I was so pleased to have even reached this point I tried to calm myself down, and, when the starters horn went, leapt into the lake with the other 70+ competitors in my age group and set about the swim.

After a rough and tumble swim, I had a great cycle up and down the hills of Edmonton’s river valley, and then a run around the beautiful Harewlak Park to finish the race. I crossed the line in 18th place, and 4th Brit home which I was very pleased with.

We then were lucky enough to watch the elite men and paratriathletes in their races. The elite men are fantastic, but more inspiring were the para-athletes who were competing with various disabilities from blindness (running with a guide) to amputations and cerebral palsy. These athletes are a true inspiration to us all, to have overcome their disability and reached the pinnacle of their sports just goes to show us, as able bodied people, how much you can achieve with a bit of grit and determination. We then spent a fantastic two weeks exploring Canada before return home full of energy and enthusiasm for work.

I am not certain what my next triathlon goal is, but I will be considering this over the next few weeks and have something set to keep me motivated over the winter. I find using goals is a great way to motivate me to get off the sofa and onto my bike come rain or shine, and by using a step wise approach, can help you go from complete beginner to a good standard.

Finally, I must thank my colleagues at HealthKinect for their un-ending support, encouragement and laughter, SevernLaudri for sponsoring all my GB kit and Rivers Gym for their support, and to all my patients who have encouraged and supported me this summer.  A few words of encouragement go an extremely long way.

Heather at the World ChampionshipsHeather at the World Championships

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