Inactivity deadlier than Obesity!

A new study was published this morning through various outlets stating something that Healthcare RM and HealthKinect Physiotherapy Services have been saying for years!

As the following articles and statistics show, we can't stress enough the importance of activity, not only to live a healthier life, but to prevent a variety of illnesses and possibly death!


"University of Cambridge researchers said about 676,000 deaths each year were down to inactivity, compared with 337,000 from carrying too much weight.

The greatest risk of an early death was in those classed inactive, and that was consistent in normal weight, overweight and obese people.

They concluded that getting everyone to do at least 20 minutes of brisk walking a day would have substantial benefits."

You can read the full article here.


You will find that we've been saying similar things on our website for a while!

"Lack of exercise doubles the risk of coronary heart disease and triples the risk of stroke. Research by The British Heart Foundation suggests that 70% of UK adults do not exercise enough and physical inactivity is the most common risk factor for Britain's biggest killer, coronary heart disease (CHD) which leads to 110,000 deaths a year. Stress and musculoskeletal disorders are now the commonest reported causes of sickness absence, costing workplaces £11 billion per year."

You can read the full page here.

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