Exercise prescription is one of the most popular services we offer at HealthKinect Physiotherapy Services. Our exercise regimes have been developed and refined over several years and incorporate the most up to date techniques and philosophies.

There are many simple exercises that can be performed at home to help relieve pain and stiffness and strengthen muscles. We advise on exercises for pain relief, post-operative strengthening and improving sports performance. We also offer expert qualified help with training programmes and have close links with local gyms and fitness coaches.

Body tissue responds well to regular exercise to change how it behaves. It is therefore important that you repeat your prescribed exercises a set number of times every day if your condition is to improve. If possible, set aside a specific time to exercise each day. This means you are far more likely stick to your regime.

Always bear in mind that it is important to seek professional advice if you have a serious problem with any area of the body, or if you suspect there is an underlying condition. If in doubt you should always consult your physiotherapist or a medical practitioner.

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